change the world

Do you want to make a positive contribution to the world?  

We lead busy lives — there’s a lot going on. Yet sometimes in all of the busy-ness we notice we are looking for something. We are wanting more connection with others, wanting to feel like we’re making a contribution, wanting a cultural experience that is meaningful. And yet, we might just also want to stay on the couch!

Jewish wisdom suggests that the purpose for doing Jewish stuff isn’t to make you a better Jew, it’s to make you a better person. With that in mind, check out this guide to: Change the World from the Comfort of your Couch

The mission of is to enhance people’s spiritual lives and foster personal growth and communal connection. The ultimate goal is two-directional: we will become our best selves and, bringing our best selves, we will make a better world. is for people who want meaningful, engaged, social justice-oriented Judaism with the kind of frequency and convenience that online platforms offer. You really can change your life — and change the world — from the comfort of your couch.